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All The Feelz by poi-rozen All The Feelz by poi-rozen
okay so I'm a lazy person sue me. :U but anyway, I decide to try some sketches after seeing some friends do one so let's begin.

1. okay so remember that Aput has a dog and well...probably this dog thinks anything that is small and is moving is a chew toy??? yeeeeah, I think Aput needs to protect Mattie from Kodaik. :')

2. the 2 watching scary movies, I have a thing is that Aput loves scary movies and Matthew as a tiny person is scared which he hides behind Aput waiting for the movie to end and Aput isn't even protecting him. xD;;

3. okay, so I decided to try something here. Now I did follow the concept that =FlopyLopez did but since I can't see Aputsiaq's being a very selfish person I decided to try something that follows it. What if the person that the tiny person is helping is the one that got effected by the selfish person (in this case Mathias) which they learn and move on living a better life. I think that Aput did trust Mathias a lot but maybe Mathias did something which had cause her to focus on work and not on people. Bascially she wasn't lonely because she was selfish, she was lonely because she got hurt which now answers Matthew's question and his reason for being there, to help her try and move on plus to trust people again.

4. a bit of a part 2 from this: which Matthew is getting quite sassy and defensive because damn Aput doesn't need to see a man's genitals yet. way to go Alfred, you made it more harder for Matthew then it already is. xD;;
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Russane Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2013
Sue you- ??
Poor Matthie and the movie, Poor Aput and Mathias- oh the drama!
/ I don't even ship CanGreen but daaamm is so cute that I want to
poi-rozen Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
yeah, because I'm lazy--.
yeah, the one lady he's with loves those movies. Plus yes, Aput and Mathias...that will be interesting.
//ah, if you wish to~. sides I didn't even ship it at first either but RPing came along and yeeah--.
Russane Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2013
No, you are noooot
Then he is so fucked up
I can't wait to know more about it! /dying whale sounds
/ sigh- I had lots of problems with certain pairings because certain someone tried to shove it through my throat- but moving along is always good
poi-rozen Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
ah, I see--.
pfft yep, and let's not forget about the closet full of hunting rifles...yeah, dangers everywhere.
ahhh, yep! since I do believe this is a human AU or something like that.
/ah yeah, I think some people made me almost dislike a pairing which I rarely do but I won't force someone if they don't like a pairing, if they don't it's all cool. Like the pairing you have is interesting for your OC, I would admit. I'm interested.
Russane Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2013
you are not, period
I don't know if feel bad or laugh at Matthie xD
Oh yes, It's a human au right?- I was a lil' confused at first
Haha yeah, I mean, arguing about a pairing, at least for me, It's pointless- every person will like what they like and nobidy an change that and I don't like to hate pairings but this person made me hate one and just one- the others I'm ok with them c:
Sincerely, I would like people to like my, to sail, ship but I can't force anyone, right?- then again, thank you darling
poi-rozen Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
ah, that is good dear thank you. vuv
I kinda love doing this to Mattie, he is actually like my muse for entertainment. So I would do both.
hmm, I think so. I'm not really sure myself but if it's ideas like these it's pretty much human AU so no confusion happens.
yes, I would say so. For me I often just ship things platonically or just not care for it at all if it really isn't to my liking but yes ship and let ship. Oh, really dang if the person made you go to that point wow they must of been stubborn as hell.
ah, I see and not a problem, I always loved OC/Canon shippings in Hetalia because it makes me want to learn about the country and relations like I'm really interested with Slovakia which I want to learn more about that country. 
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