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Elementary AU Entry - Greenland by poi-rozen Elementary AU Entry - Greenland by poi-rozen
yes solves everything-/shot.

anyway, my second entry for aph-elementary and this time it's for Greenland~!

sorry if the outfit looks odd and I decided to try to add some humor to Aput's entry well! hope this is well! ^u^

Edited: I've decided to add more relations with Aput like how she is towards people of her subject and all that.


Full Name: Qila Nilak Taorana

Nickname: Qila mostly
Gender: Female
Age: 19 (for this AU only)

Personality: Outgoing, social, friendly, and quite a kind one that will often lend a hand to anyone. Aput is quite a friendly and hard working type of women. She loves to get up and move about and she can be very modest plus a little at times quiet when it comes to be complimented by certain people. Thought one thing that is notice if you know her for a very long time is that she hides away a lot of negative emotions that it be very rare to see her upset thought when she is, it can become very scary and something you rather not wish for and she holds a lot of pent up anger towards certain people. Plus she can at times overly joke which can get annoying.

-Strengths: It seems that when situations are very grim and not so well she often keeps the level head and try to think in a more positive light no matter how bad it is, she will also keep a very calm and level head as well. She also will often ask other members of her group of there opinions which shows her leadership skills in quite a few situations of this. She does seem to try and be like a elder sister or atleast a mother to younger children and try to protect them if they are ever in danger. She also seems to be very quick and strong, thought not as strong as other dwellers are but is able to protect herself.

-Weakness: She has a very hard time trying to show anything other then positive emotions since she bottles up a lot of negative emotions that it will make her look she doesn't realize the situation. She does seem to also hold grudges against certain people but you don't see this often and it can be very rare in the case. It may also be that she can be a little envious of others for talents they have since she couldn't fit in most of the subjects and reception seemed to be the other choice by the look of it. If ever upset at all and if pissed off long enough she will surely explode and it wouldn't be pretty when this does happen.

-Likes: She does seem quite a fond for jewelry she always like wearing them and loves how they shine. She would even go so far as to steal them from the female gaints without them noticing but luckily she hasn't been caught yet. She also likes things that are hand-made, she really likes it when someone has put time and effort into there product by hand. She also loves fish and meat quite a lot, she can't help but enjoy them and loves take her time to enjoy every bite. She also likes the season of winter, which the cold snow and frost really calm her down and she actually likes it when the snow is covering the ground.

-Dislikes: She really doesn't like it when she's alone but also doesn't like it when it gets too crowded either, it seems she rather prefers a small group of people rather a whole crowd by the looks of it. She also seems to despite Mathais quite a lot but she doesn't say anything or even show this at all unless your someone she really trust well. She also dislikes change, it isn't that major but if something changes too quickly then she tends to show some slight annoyance. She also hates the hotter seasons or when it gets too hot that she would start to become whiny and not very happy about it thought still keep a smile on her face.

-Talents: Aput seems very gifted when it comes to making art, mostly pots, jewelry and crafting accessories which is why she joined Art as a extra subject, to enjoy her love for making jewelry. She also may have some talent in sewing but it's often just sweaters and mostly clothes with fur it seems which she does wear from time to time. She also seems to have some upper body strength and can run pretty quickly which she uses this when stealing jewelry from female giants. She can also look for things like food and people pretty well and can last in colder conditions longer then others.

-Flaws: Aput isn't the best when it comes to sports so don't expect her to play sports with others. She also has trouble trying to learn other languages and only knows Danish or English plus Greenlandic it seems so don't be surprise if she is very clueless of someone speaking Spanish or some other language. She also doesn't handle well with food. It often just ends up with her making a mess of things. She also doesn't have the best of handwriting either. She also at times can't handle the heat very well and often it leads her to passing out if staying in hot conditions for any longer. She also doesn't have the best sense of timing that she will either be late or miss a chance.

Subject: Reception and Art

(I'm gonna do characters that are like family, people she's working with, and some other special relations.)

Denmark/Mathias: It may look like a typical brother/sister relationship but there's more to it then that, Aput actually doesn't like him at all. Even showing signs of avoiding, detest, and tension towards him. She actually rather prefers to be around others then Mathias it seems. Thought with this ironic sense, it seems that sides to Lukas she is able to calm Mathias down

Norway/Lukas: It may look like that Lukas had tooken care of Aputsiaq before giving her to Mathias, there relation back then wasn't that good and often showing signs of her being scare of him but today it seems the 2 get along well with each other and trust.

Iceland/Emil: more like a sibling then anything, the 2 at times do often see each other due to Aput's subject. She does like to poke fun of him and watch him explode at her but really the 2 are shown to be on good terms with each other.

Faroe Islands: another person she considers a sibling as well. They more likely argue with Mathias then they would with Hillevi but the 2 do hang out with Emil and sorta have a trio of sorts.

Sweden/Berwald: The 2 don't talk very often but does seem they can both relate to how much they don't like Mathias very much.

Finland/Tino: She doesn't really speak with him either that often but it does seem she brings food and supplies to that subject the most. So they do talk with each other when he's not so busy.

Aland Islands: She thinks of them like a good friend and often them and do often spend some time with each other and try to find ways to entertain themselves.

America/Alfred: It seems the 2 have a good relation with each other and she does consider him her 'very good best friend' and likes his company thought she does get bored of him at times with his 'heroic' speeches but still doesn't mind to listen thought she will start to fall asleep slightly or not pay attention from him talking. 

Canada/Matthew: Now unlike Alfred, She actually does listen to Matthew and likes to be around him more often. Her views of him are really positive by the looks of it. She actually feels she can trust him with a lot of things. Thought her feelings towards him are a bit complicated or confusing at times but she still likes to be there for him.

Australia/Kyle: She along with Kyle look to be the 2 older members of the Reception but Kyle often goes to the library instead of Aput for since she is younger then him. Thought it seems that she would often be co-leader if Kyle ask her to do so. by the looks of it, there relation is mutual and friendly it seems.

Hong Kong/Li Xiao: It seems the 2 get along quite well and by the looks of it, she often ask Xiao about the gaints every once in a while and since he and Mei had arrive, this got her curious about the world itself.

Philippines/Maricela: As seen in the comic, Maricela will at times ask Aput for advice since she feels that since Aput has been in it longer then her that she would be more knowledgeable the some of the often ends being more humor then helpful with Aput's rambling about jewerly.

Seychelles/Cerise: The relation is shown that the 2 can be quite good friends despite how they handle conditions and what not. It seems that Aput does get quiet around her for some odd reason which probably hints that due to Aput being around males for most of her life that it seems to show that she gets extremely quiet and shyer around girls it seems.

South Korea/Yong Soo: Aput finds Yong Soo being quite the hyper one that she often gets a little nervous around him or isn't sure of what to say to him. But the relation does look netural.

Taiwan/Mei: Now this relation is something here, even if there personality are a little opposite at times but it seems the 2 can get along really well and it could assume that Mei was the one that got Aput so curious about the gaint world and more likely the fashion it seems. Often at times, Mei does at times become like a 'fashionable sister' to Aput that she will suggest some clothes that she may enjoy but it just ends with Aput get a bit flustered and unsure of herself.

Monaco/Monique: She finds this girl quite a interesting one and often finds it hard to figure her out. She doesn't argue with her or anything but does seem interested with her and does like to be her friend thought does feel a bit sadden when she finds out that she doesn't like tuna very much. Despite this, she still wants to be her friend.

Greece/Heracles: she seems to like Heracles calm and quiet nature that she doesn't mind listening to him talk even if it's boring at times. She does like his company for some odd reason.

Poland/Feliks: the relation is quite odd at times and the 2 seem to be not interacting that much but the relation could be consider neutral as it seems.

Thailand/Somchai: The relation is a little odd at times but it looks like the 2 are netural.

Russia/Ivan: It be rare to see these 2 interact often but it does look like they are on good terms by the look of it.

France/Francis: The relation is odd and can be described as a odd friendship, it seems that Francis often gives Aput some form of advice which she does question to why he does this or at times Francis as about Matthew since she does spend time with him. The relation looks friendly.

Hungary/Elizabeta: by the looks of it, the 2 do get along really well which Aput does seem to like her a lot which she does consider her as 'someone that I would look up to' in the case. She does at times feel nervous talking to her but actually does feel she can relate to her in some way. Her views of her seem to be pretty positive.

Shippings: If you know me well enough, I do OTP Greenland with Canada but I don't mind it being one sided. It's totally up to you since this is your AU and all.

Elementary AU belongs to :iconmelonstyle:
Greenland (Aputsaiq) belongs to :iconpoisonofthedart689:
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Melodic-Enigma Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2014  Hobbyist
Oooh, I really like this entry! *o* Good luck with the contest! <3 
poi-rozen Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
oh, thank you! I was hoping to try and even out her character. vuv
Luxus04 Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2013
ahahhahha so adorable and funny
poi-rozen Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
oh, why thank you so much dear! ^^
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melondramatics Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2013
awww this is adorable! I love this entry and your OC~ :D <33
poi-rozen Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
yeah, it is! ;w; and Maricela is now confused, way to go Aput! and thank you! I think the last one is Vikesland and that's it! ^^
melondramatics Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2013
well done on getting done with your OCs so quickly, gosh~ QUQ We're not even halfway through the first of the three contest months! XD
poi-rozen Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
idk, I just like working at things very quickly! plus I have fun do contest entries like these! xD;;
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