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Elementary AU Entry- Vikesland by poi-rozen Elementary AU Entry- Vikesland by poi-rozen
wow, 2 entries in 1 night! geez, I'm on a roll tonight man! well this be my last entry and it's for Vikesland! which if your curious it's a Canadian Micro Nation in Manitoba. My reasons I wanted to add a kid here is because I find most of the entries to be teenagers so a little kid running around would be interesting! so let's get with the bio!


Full Name: Ted Williams
Nickname: Ted or Teddie
Gender: Male
Age: 6 to 8

Personality: a somewhat rude, mouthy, and a show off type of child. Ted is often wanting to impress at times can be very rude, especially towards Matthew in this case. He often is seen out of his respective class and watching the adults do there work or is often disappearing somewhere so it is best to keep a close eye on him. Thought when he gets in trouble, he will either show a very rude and arrogant type of persona or he will suddenly go quiet and become very polite based on who the person is and how there asking. His sense of humor is a little bit childish at times.

-Strengths: Ted can be a pretty fast runner and can be able to run out any adult and is very good at hiding. He also seems to know how to work electronics despite his age, he is quite a wiz kid that often can think things through pretty quickly. He also can be pretty sly and cunning which can help him get out of sticky situations or he has the best comeback for anyone, even someone who's older then him. It could also be that he is very resourceful of his surroundings, using anything to help him if ever in danger.

-Weakness: He can't be able to reach for certain objects due to his height and at times can get annoyed if someone points this out. He is also not the best to keep himself clean and often his hair is a mess that someone would have to take care of it for him. He also often isn't good with when people he cares about get hurt that he will start to get nervous or maybe cry even but this side of him isn't seen very often. He can also be very reckless and foolish at times if when the situation arises. He also seems to not be a great swimmer so don't expect to swim at all.

-Likes: He really does love computers and electronics, always curious about how they work and often in some cases will sneak out of english to go to science to see the members of that subject are doing there work without them noticing -thought Eduard does notice him but doesn't mind him that much- thought he does get caught a bit later. He also loves to find comic books in the library and enjoying the funny pictures that often he would act out the scenes which causes a ruckus for others who are trying to read. He loves to prank others as well to entertain himself when he's bored.

-Dislikes: He seems to not like sitting down and waiting, he can become very impatience and often start to tap his foot or look around pretty quickly. He also hates lectures as well which he either ignores them or come up with a witty comeback. He also seems to not respect most adult figures and finding some of them to be a bit boring at times but there are some he feels are pretty cool to be around with. He also hates it when people say he's 'too young' or 'too little' for situations which makes him want to go to where ever the adults are going. He also has a fear of the dark and also rapid waters make him feel frantic and worried.

-Talents: He is defiantly a computer wiz kid, he will often look at a computer and get to work. He often types pretty quickly, maybe even quicker then some of the people in the science subject. With his small size he is able to fit into small spaces that even dwellers can't fit into. He can also be pretty handy when it comes to idea and plans when he looks at his surroundings. He also has an excellent aim with a slingshot.

-Flaws: He is not the best with lifting things and has been shown to fall asleep during a lecture half the time when he's extremely bored. He does at times procrastinates quite a lot when someone tells him to finish something off. He can be very lazy and won't follow rules, it is often hard for him to do so. He's not the best at keeping a place organized or keeping a secret.

Subject: English -since he's very young he will often be there but he does show interest in Science and Theater-


Canada/Matthew: The relation in this is a little odd at times, it seems like a brotherly relation or Matthew being babysitter of him. They often get on each other's nerves or Matthew tries to be the responsible one out of the 2. Ted thinks that Matthew is a 'little too quiet for his taste' Thought he does show signs that he does respect Matthew and of course care for him and will be there for him based on the situation.

America/Alfred: He seems to like Alfred quite a bit and enjoys his company, at times the 2 play childish pranks on each other and often saying jokes to each other to see who can laugh first. The 2 really do get along.

Sealand/Peter: Whenever seen, he will likely be hanging out with Peter quite a bit. Just like the other children are. Ted and Peter often are seen out of english to go exploring and they both agree they personally don't like there 'elder brothers' so they often just spend time with each other.

KugelMugel/Alois: Ted does seem to find this kid a little annoying at times but does like to tease and bug Alois whenever he is bored.

Wy/Ashleigh: you know when a boy often teases a girl and they serectly like them? that's Ted and Ashliegh, he often likes to mess with her and call her names but only does it to get her attention . He actually likes being around her quite a bit and enjoys her company.

TRNC: He does find this kid a little quiet and often boring but the relation is pretty netural.

Landonia: the 2 get along really well and both seem to like sneaking off to the science subject to look at the other adults do there work. They don't go any further then the door but the idea of going in has been brought up a few times and they may go in when there both ready.

Hungary/Elizabeta: Ted seems a little scare of Elizabeta but doesn't show it when she's upset so he shows some repsect towards her mostly.

Poland/Feliks: He doesn't take Feliks very seriously so he often ignores him or doesn't pay attention to him half the time.

Male!Portugal/Joao: He finds Joao very cool and often likes to look up to him a lot, considering him a 'cool adult'. He would likely want to be like him one day.

Shipping: since he is only a kid I probably won't think he be with anyone but I think him picking on Ashleigh is a little adorable to me but hey. Up to you. vuv

Elementary AU belongs to :iconmelonstyle:
Vikesland (Ted) belongs to :iconpoisonofthedart689:
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Melodic-Enigma Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2014  Hobbyist

Ahahaha omg this kid I can't x'D

This entry is awesome! Good luck with the contest! ^^

poi-rozen Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
pfft, I know quite a little brat that will cause some serious trouble for  Matthew I swear to god--.

and thank you. vuv
X-I-L2048 Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
He's cute! I like that you made a little kid for one of your entries, too. =D
poi-rozen Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
yep, adorable but a little brat at times I swear! xD oh and no problem, I kinda wanted to add a kid because most of the entries I seen were teenager so a little kid running be a little entertaining.
X-I-L2048 Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I was thinking of adding a little kid myself. =D
poi-rozen Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
do it! I love to see them. ^^
melonstyle Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2013
oh gosh, what a little shit--//bricked

i mean that in an endearing way though

but he sounds really cute, I like him~

you should draw your other OCs more often, ahaha

poi-rozen Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
and he's related to Matthew too, I feel a little sorry for him! :'D

and ahhh, why thank you! I love this little kid...just so adorable.

yep, same here...probably one of my top 5 fave of my OCs.

yeah, I actually want to try and draw Martinique among some others.

ah, why thank you! I just glad to get this done! ^^
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