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-okay so for this fanfic, it will focus on Nicolao "Nico" (Belize) as he comes to terms and the life of the Mall dweller. Just a idea that I wanted to do if that's okay.-

The night had the full moon and one little mall dweller was quite excited, Nico had ran to where the moon was it's fulliest seeing as how the one that all the other mall dwellers were at took all the good spots but there was one place that he kept a secret, he knew well of this spot but he also known that Joaquin and Agustina, 2 fellow mall dweller of his was often there talking to someone which he also hopes to see who it was. He stop as soon as he heard conversation and hid himself in the shadows, trying to make not be seen. 'hmm, I can't hear very well but...a new dweller? what's going on.' he thought to himself, he had no clue of the conversation but it seemed that the who ever was talking left and soon seeing Joaquin walking down from where the door was which when passing Nico he stop, realizing he was there. "Oh, if it isn't our little friend Nico! what are you doing here?" he asked, very curious of the other which the young Belizean got stiff. It seem he was caught.

"oh, heya Joaquin~. I was coming to see the moon at it's fullest!" he explained quite excited but was hiding which the Chilean had figure something but decided to let it pass. "ah, well I won't tell anyone your here! I was finish talking with...a guest and I'm going off to hmm, bug little tiny Tina!" he joked as he walked along, he seemed to always like messing with the female mall dweller that or talking with Raquel but Nico didn't really care. Just the full moon was more his concern as he ran up and to find the 'guest' Joaquin was talking to had disappear. "huh...looks like whoever Joaquin was talking to went up and left, ah well! I need some time to think anyway." he stated as he walked over and sat down looking at the moon which a lot of thoughts were starting to appear.

'I always wonder...will I ever leave? will I ever feel like I can do more then I am intended...why do these feelings so, alone. I mean I have many friends and enemies but...what am I missing, like there's a void that's telling me to leave...hmm, I hope I can get a answer here.' as he thought as getting up and walking back inside, feeling that more questions were appearing in his head and was even more questioning his reasons of staying as walking down to where the other dwellers were he saw a very familiar dweller, and one that he knew she wanted to talk with him. "hey, Nico! went outside I see." Carmen had joked as Nico gave a nod which he siged then he smiled. "yeah, I wanted to see the moon again, it seemed really pretty." he resposed and Carmen couldn't help but laugh at the reaction. "Hey hey, no need to get so dramatic on me." she stated, as the 2 were heading back to the others together which Nico eyed her then look back at the direction they were heading. "So...I've heard you wanted to leave, huh?" he asked which Carmen gave a nod. "heh, yeah. I'm trying to get the others to agree with me but it seems my efforts are wasted. I can't seem to get anyone to go along with leaving the mall. There too focus on the fashions, movies and magazines." she sighed a bit disappointed but return to a smirk and eyed the younger mall dweller. "So...are you going to be like the others? I know you talk with Elisa and seem like good friends with her so I figure I need to ask you personally." Carmen gave her complete attention as folding her arms and waiting for an answer which both stop walking. Nico couldn't help but think of that question since she was asking if he wanted to stay or leave, he had a lot to think about and it seemed that the mall was...getting boring, sure all there resources and everything was here but he really didn't like sitting around...infact, he wanted to leave more then ever! the excitement of being outside was giving him more reasons to leave especially when seeing the picture of the oceans. "yeah...I...actually want to leave." "oh, I knew you wou-...wait, you actually are agreeing with me this time?" she asked a bit shock which the younger Belizean male sighed. "Sure, I do agree with Elisa and can really side with her more often but...the outside of the mall has always been what I wanted to see!" he explained in a positive tone while putting his hand to his chest trying to show his pride which a small laugh was coming from neither but instead turn to a very ditzy and up in the air-headed dweller, Ana who ran over and seemed to have over heard there conversation.

"oh, if it isn't Ana! what brought you here." Carmen turn to her direction, seeming to wonder why Ana was here. "well, I overheard your conversation and Nico's expression and stance seemed a bit funny." she explained which Nico got a bit flustered. "he-hey, I was trying to say I was excited!" he began to pout which both of the girls gave a small laugh. "hehe, so anyway Ana...mind telling the reason why again." she let Ana continue. "oh, right! I was actually hoping to ask you's okay if I can join you guys?" both Carmen and Nico stare at the girl then at each other. "but, your always hanging with that Iztalí or Hermano and I thought you stay with those 2 or agree with them." Nico retorted a bit negativity and thought for sure Ana would side with him. "weeell, those 2 maybe my brother figure but that doesn't mean I agree with everything! sides, going outside seems more fun to me!" Ana stated, seeming interested in leaving and Carmen grew a wide smile. She couldn't believe that 2 of the dwellers wanted to leave! "ah, will finally getting somewhere! well, with your help you 2 I'm sure we can get more people to agree. So what you say, get everyone else or at least try to get everyone to leave the mall." she told them which both Ana and Nico nodded right away.

"agreed!" and that was the end of the conversation, from there on the 3 decided to meet up and update of the plans to leave the mall.

The End
just some fanfic writing for aph-elementary which it focuses on Nico (Belize) where he comes to terms and wanting to leave the mall, I was hoping to work on his character for this moment because it seemed like such a great thing to develop with him. 

plus yes, I try my best to get all your OCs right, sorry if any of them are OOC. ;;"

Agustina (Argentina) - FlopyLopez 
Raquel (Mexico) - NerdyJones 
Elisa (Venezuela) - melonstyle 
Iztalí (Guatemala) - LKeiko  
Hermano (Guatemala the 2nd) - heillos

in the fanfic
Nico (Belize) - Poisonofthedart689 
Joaquin (Chile) and Carmen (Colombia) - melonstyle 
Ana (Hondauras) - LKeiko 
AU involved - aph-elementary (belongs to melonstyle )

oh and expect 2 more fanfics involving Qila (Greenland) and Teddie (Vikesland) to come up quite soon!
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LKeiko Featured By Owner May 26, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
lmao, im so late on this ;;w;; but I just wanted to say...

poi-rozen Featured By Owner May 26, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
it's okay, you got to read it!

oh, thank you! I actually wanted to write a fanfic about Beli first since I do want to focus on the Mall Dwellers.
LKeiko Featured By Owner May 26, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Mall Dwellers are my love omg XD
poi-rozen Featured By Owner May 26, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
yes, I can tell they will be quite interesting fellows.
melondramatics Featured By Owner May 3, 2014
Aww this was cute! It'll be interesting to see how the attitudes of the mall dwellers were change, if more will want to see what's out there too, rather than just relying on what they already have. XD I'll be interested to see the other ones too! :D
poi-rozen Featured By Owner May 3, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
ah, yes! I was indeed hoping that probably other Mall dwellers were curious of the outside while others probably not so much, so it seemed like a fun idea to work with.

oh, I think I'll enjoy working on the other 2 fanfics.
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