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October 4, 2013
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Greenland ref by poi-rozen Greenland ref by poi-rozen
okay, so after a while I decided to draw a reference sheet for Greenland since some peole make a few mistakes when drawing her so this will probably help most people and if you want to RP with her this is the account: :iconnuna-asiilasooq: Nuna-Asiilasooq

so the first one is a full body sketch, the second is showing her braid and behind somewhat, the third is showing with her hood on while the last one shows her Inuit tattoos. The reason she has them is because inuit women had as apart of traditions, along with earrings too. I actually based the Inuit tattoos on this:…

so yes, there's also a box that shows colours and everything...oh and the scarf at the top is what Greenland's look like without it wrap around her neck, it's actually suppose to represent her Greenland flag.

oh and another thing, I was trying to give Greenland some fat because that is a inuit stereotype is that Inuits are a little overweight but that's because the fat is there for survival which brings me to a small rant...why do people thing fat OCs are ugly??? I really think that be rude and I think fat on a character is adorable okay. ;u;"

UPDATE: oh and a bio too!

Country's Name: Greenland

Capital: Nuuk

Government: Parliamentary democracy within a constitutional monarchy

Languages: Greenlandic (Offical), Danish and English (Other)

Human Name: Qila Nilak Taorana

Age Appearance: 21-22 years old (actual age: 1113 years old, based on the Dorset tribes arriving and not on colonization)

Hair Color: jet black

Eye Color: hazel brown (Now I can give reasons for this since it's a natural eye colour for natives and I feel that the language and modernization of clothing would represent the Scandivania influence instead of the eye colour)

Height: 5'3.5" -161.29 cm - (now Inuit females can be shorter then this but this is where the Scandivania influence comes into play as well)

Weight: 151 lbs. (Inuits have been stereotyped to be chubby so I felt she needed some extra weight)

Body Parts/Etc. Representing Part of Country? If so, List Them: height and voice - Scandivania influence
clothing - modernization
hair curl - Ilulisaat Icefjord
hair ties on bangs - Native Settlements
braid - traditional inuit hair style
Native appearance - Inuit Population

Personality: Despite being raised by nations such as Denmark and influence by the US of A, Greenland is a quiet, formal and very reserved nation. She is very polite and will be apologetic if ever done wrong to another person that it will likely make her worry or doubtful of herself whenever someone is upset with her. Greenland tries to not be rude which she can be extremely patience when it comes to conversations thought she be more of a listener instead of a speaker and try to see if she can help the other person to the best of her abilities even if the help isn’t much. Thought when someone ask her about any problems she having she tends to not say or speak much about any issues she having that it makes it hard for her to connect with others easily or have some trouble with making new friends but does try to. She can also be seen as a bit meek, shy and very modest in a few cases so if complimented she can get flustered quite easily despite her not saying much. Her expression can also be a little hard to read at times since she mostly has a small smile on her face that rarely changes you won’t have any idea of what she’s thinking or feeling.

She also is calm and quite a serious woman that will be extremely practical that she can come off as stern or not thinking much with her emotions so at times her wording can be a little harsh but she does mean well if you know her long enough. She likes to work alone or be independent, she rarely will ask for help from others and hates when people try to force there help, she knows they mean well but often thinks there worry for her being too much. So expect silence from her or not much for thanks when the person is done helping her. She can be seen as a bit selfish when it comes to money but is really caring and generous when it comes to food, home so she does have some hospitality at times can be shown by her.

Thought don’t think she is completely emotionless or heartless if you assume because of these actions, she does have a soft and sweeter side if you are close to her or she has your trust. She did trust people in the past before but when she did it cause her much pain that she had closed herself off. She can be very gentle when someone is hurt she tends to speak with them very slowly and carefully. Not wanting to startle or get them nervous. She also seems friendly when she opens up to people which she can take a few jokes pretty easily. All and all, Greenland is a very mysterious and quiet nation that is at times hard to read but still has her softer side.

Likes: Greenland enjoys her traditional life style and at times likes to turn off most electronics to enjoy the quiet side of her country, she actually likes it when people visit her and she likes to visit people she considers close. She can be quite affectionate towards others. She really loves coffee, meat, blubber and fish which has cause her some weight problems. She also adores her huskies very much and at times allows them inside plus she seems quite fond of jewerly and as of recent has taken a liking for gardening and mining. She enjoys siteseeing nature and enjoys hiking, she seems to enjoy the outdoors. She seems to also like scaring people from her ghost stories and it often ends with her being amused by the others reaction.

Dislikes: Now Greenland isn't the type to hate anyone by the looks of it, infact she can be consider quite a friendly person but there is one person she truly dislikes and can't stand to be in a room with which is none other then the one nation that ruin her life and has done more trouble then good to her which is none other then Denmark, she has hated this nation for the longest time and prefers to stay away from but she seems to be one of the only few to actually calm him down when he looks upset when Norway isn't around. She also seems to dislike over crowded areas, it seems to bother her but she won't say anything towards it but she doesn't like the feeling the isolation or loniness so she prefers a small group over an over crowded area. She really also hates change to a point to where she gets completely confused to looking very unhappy she also dislikes violence and fights which she tries to often avoid or hide behind someone when she feels violence will happen. She seems to dislike like very hot conditions that she will show a very whiny side to her. Due to liking for coffee she seems to dislike Tea but won't say anything or be rude to a person that likes it.

Fears: Greenland has live for a long time and has gone throught many things that can scare most, one being is that she fears isolation greatly since she was alone from Danish colonization to WWII that it has cause her to not trust many people or be very mistrusting but she has slowly started to trust people. She also fears sexual assult and unwanted touching, especially from Denmark. Her reasons were that she has seen what the Danish vikings did to her women and this had cause her to be very nervous and wary of people touching her when not ask for premission. She also has some great fear of modernization taken away the nature of her home, she likes to preserve it for future generations. She seems to have mix views of global warming, she does know that it is effecting her life and culture but knows it would come in handy for the future when it comes to independence from Denmark so for now the feeling is very mixed towards the subject.

Iceland (younger brother) - In the past, the 2 didn't get along very well and at times did fight with each other but in recent times the 2 are really close friends and often Greenland thinks of Iceland like a younger sibling to her. She does try to be there for Iceland when he isn't so busy and seems to calm him down when upset or joke with him in her own way but knows her limits well enough. Next to Canada, she likes to visit Iceland.

Norway (older brother) - She really likes Norway and does visit him when she time to. She actually can enjoy a good coffee with him and the 2 do discuss about the supernatural creatures or something related to mining or future projects.

Denmark (disliked owner) - The one person that owns her and truly dislikes, she avoids him and doesn't want much to do with him. She doesn't show it much but prefers others over Denmark. She seems to show a rather detest and dislike towards him that at times her choices will be based on what Denmark does. Thought she seems to be one of the only few sides to Norway to see him actually upset and can actually calm him down.

Faroe Islands - Seems to be like another sibling that she is okay with, the 2 don't talk very often but does enjoy there company.

America (friend) - Met since WWII, Greenland seems to have some mix views of America at times. On one hand she does feel greatful for the protection he had done and has learn a lot from him but on the other hand, she feels that he does come off as pushy or is a little too fast for change. But all in all she seems to like him and enjoy the company with him next to the other American countries.

Canada (Best friend) - Met during WWII and maybe even further then that, Greenland and Canada seem to have a very close relationship as the 2 share a lot of common ground and interest with each other. You will mostly see them having coffee and Canada introducing and teaching Greenland about the modern world. She has gain a interest and is hoping to have closer ties with him one day.

Germany - she seems a little nervous of him but ever since of recent she seems to not mind him as much.

Japan - finds him rather quiet but seems to like that about him, the 2 seem to share a liking for fish and have some short and decent conversation.

China - As of recent, she and China have been meeting up with each other for business related to mining. She really likes his culture and food she will at times visit him for business or looking around. She actually thinks that he does seem pushy like America and does find him amusing from time to time.

South Korea - she finds him slightly odd since the 2 did meet recently, she actually gets a little awkward around him but does try and be polite.

England - the 2 do some mining and trade, she finds him quite stern but a little understanding at times. Thought she doesn't like the tea very much that he serves but tries to be nice.

France - this is quite an odd friendship and the 2 seem to be on good terms, she actually finds him a little amusing and entertaining, most of the conversation often have to do with Canada which the 2 do make jokes.

Russia - this one is consider an odd friendship and it seems that she does get nervous of him at times because of his height but she can't help but find him very friendly but feels a rather bad aura when visiting him, most of the conversation are to due with Siberia.

Pets: Huskies - it is unsure how many she has but it seems she keeps up to enough to have a dog sled team, most of her dogs are kept outiside but her most noticable one is Kodiak which seems to be a husky she has kept since she was very little, Kodiak seems to be her most loyal husky ever since.

Nanor (Polar bear) - A snarky, rude, and very honest to blunt polar bear that doesn't often visit Greenland which she often gives a honest opinion towards her. She can be loyal in her own way but shows a very rude way of showing it. Now Greenland does at times argue with her and prefers to not get upset at her at all. She seems to come over to Iceland's fish which ends with Greenland taking her away from them before Iceland explodes on her.

all credit goes to respective owners.
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Mirai-Shooker-Hetali Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2014  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
x3 she is so cute n.n
xArachnoFreakx Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Aputsiaq is actually a boys name... But you my dear friend, you researched and it makes me really happy ;3; others OCs is disappointing, like they have: really pale skin, white hair, red eyes... (but I want red eyes owo) and other not so Greenland-like.
poi-rozen Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
ah, why thank you very much dear! I really love to visit Greenland one day since it seems like such a nice and very pleasent country thought yes, I would agree many people do this is because of it's relations to the Nordics which does bother me greatly, and about the name-.

I actually had someone told me this before which I did explain that the name 'Aputsiaq' is a unsex name from this Nordic site I found that had Greenlandic names included, thought I'm probably may change her name to something else, thank you. vuv
Spirit-Okami Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
d'aww she's cute~ ; w ;
aw what who said that chubby people are ugly?? D': Chubby people are adorable~ ; w ; "Fat is used for survival" Yes you are correct :iconclapplz:
Fat actually keeps living species warmer in cold weather. For example, penguins are chubby why becuase all that fat cells they have keep them warm. If a penguin were to live somewhere warm they would die of heat exposure. 
poi-rozen Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
thanks! I'm planning on getting her bio up and ready too!

and yes, I really dislike media for that since they say that being skinny gets you somewhere when really it doesn't! plus what if it's apart of there body? like maybe the diet they have is full of fat and they need that for survival and that's true! Plus I love the actress of Katniss from the Hunger games where she wasn't going on a diet just for a character, that I really respect her for as a human being.
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poi-rozen Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I know! but it's media that does this type of stuff! they say being fat is a bad thing which is why I don't pay attention to that crap anymore.
teaneko13 Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
She looks adorable :heart: I don't really think being fat makes an oc bad?? I have overweight friends and family, but they're all really sweet and lovely :) And I think, it's wonderful and fresh to finally have a fat/chubby is also realistic, so that's another plus point for your character :D
poi-rozen Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
oh, why thank you! and same here but since media often says being fat is a bad thing people think fat characters are ugly which annoy me so much. I rather prefer character to have some meat on there bones tbph here.
teaneko13 Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
true..the media sucks.. Me too, I love it when characters are diverse both personality and physical wise, so it's getting boring to see yet another skinny character..
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